When You Wish Upon a Star…

A few years ago, I was asked by an elementary student if wishes made on a star come true. I immediately imagined the newspapers hailing me as the person who told children wishes do not come true. Panic rose within me and for a brief moment I thought I might just make a run for it and get out of the building before I shattered the hopes and dreams of a generation. I took a deep breath and looked up at the teacher’s in the room who were looking at me with an intensity that communicated the seriousness of the situation at hand. One teacher finally stood up and was about to tell the children that the question was not appropriate when I began to speak.

I told the students that a star cannot make a wish come true because a star is a dynamic ball of hot gas in space fusing away and going about its stellar duties. Despite the inability of stars to make wishes come true, I encouraged the students to continue wishing upon stars using the logic that if you want something so intently that you feel that you need to concentrate and wish for it then chances are you will obtain your desire. I communicated that the very act of wishing on the star enables them to focus their desire and concentrate on something that truly matters to them and I encouraged them to write their wishes in a journal and focus on them at night when they see the stars. I knew I had come up with a remarkably good answer for a question that seemed impossible to answer when I saw the teacher’s breathe a sigh of relief.

On Monday, April 30th, 2012, I was asked a similar question by an adult woman in her 50s. She asked me when all of the planets were going to line up because she was waiting for that to happen so that her wish would come true. Because she was older I was frank with her but her response was disconcerting so I sent her an email that I thought I would share with everyone. Please see the email below:

Dear Jane, Please remember that I told you that we are made up of material from exploding stars. Exploding stars that seeded the universe with elements eventually combined to become everything we experience today including humans. You are in fact, as Carl Sagan stated, “star stuff…You are in the Universe and the Universe in in you”. By this fact, and logic, it stands to reason that you are a physical manifestation of the planetary alignment you so desperately desire to experience. Your dreams will come true because you have all of the cosmic energy of the universe inside of you waiting to be tapped. There is no need to wait until all of the planets line up or for a cosmic energy burst for something spectacular to happen to you.

Always remember, that a desire, coupled with hard work and motivation, can be realized as long as we believe enough in our own power to make that desire a reality. Of course it stands to reason that our desires must be realistic to some extent. For instance, the desire to be 20 years old again is not a realistic goal based on our current state of medical technology. Please keep looking up and remember that you are a part of everything that you see and do not see. You are grander than you ever imagined because you are connected to everything that exists. You are, in fact, an energetic child of the cosmos equipped with your own cosmic power to make your dreams come true.