Upcoming Appearances

Frontiers Lecture: Deep Life: The Hunt for Hidden Biology of Earth, Mars, and Beyond – Stage Manager
Geoscientist Tullis Onstott provides an insider’s look at pioneering fieldwork on Earth’s thriving subterranean biosphere—a place where scientists once thought life could not possibly exist. Onstott reveals how astonishing new discoveries by geomicrobiologists exploring Earth’s most extreme environments are furthering the search for life elsewhere in the solar system. Hayden Planetarium Space Theater – American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY http://www.amnh.org/calendar/frontiers-lecture-deep-life-the-hunt-for-hidden-biology-of-earth-mars-and-beyond, 5/15/2017
Lunar Certification Workshop and America’s Eclipse – Teacher PD
This workshop will explore our nearest celestial neighbor and provide lunar based activities that you can bring back to your classroom. We will then turn our attention to: The Great American Eclipse occurring on Aug. 21, 2017! This will be the first total solar eclipse viewable from the continental United States in nearly 40 years. Learn about the eclipse and how to safely view the eclipse from your location. We will provide each participant with a pair of safe solar viewing eclipse glasses and a map which plots out the path of totality. We look forward to seeing you at the Buehler Challenger & Science Center where we are continuing to investigate the frontier of space. Buehler Challenger & Science Center, Paramus, NJ 5/17/2017
America’s Eclipse
Please join us and learn about the eclipse event taking place across America on August 21, 2017. Eclipse glasses will be given out to participants along with safe viewing instructions. Mystical World, Ridge Road, Lyndhurst, NJ 6/14/2017